Senedd Election 2021: The outcomes still in the future


Wales' 40 constituency seats have all been declared within the Senedd Election 2021.

As it stands the constitute from the Senedd is Labour has 30 seats, Conservatives, 12, Plaid Cymru, eight.

However, it will require until Saturday to obtain the full picture for Wales' new Senedd as there are still two regions – and their eight seats – still to declare.

While Mid and West Wales and North Wales declared on Friday night, the 3 South Wales regions won't be able to announce until Saturday.

With regional results, it's not as simple because the party most abundant in vote wins. Regional votes are decided via the D'Hondt formula.

In short this means that any party who did well in constituencies inside a region is not as likely to win regional seats.

Of the 3 regions remaining, here is who won in 2021:

South Wales Central

  1. Conservative – Andrew RT Davies
  2. Conservative – David Melding
  3. Plaid Cymru – Neil McEvoy
  4. Ukip – Gareth Bennett

What we all do know is that none of Neil McEvoy, David Melding or Gareth Bennett will be re-elected. Mr Melding hasn't stood for election again, Mr McEvoy represented his new party Propel which won't secure enough of the vote share for any regional seat and Mr Bennett as an independent, and also the same applies.

The end result can look here after we realize it.

South Wales East

Who was elected in 2021?

  1. Ukip – Mark Reckless
  2. Ukip – David Rowlands
  3. Conservative – Mohammad Asghar
  4. Plaid Cymru – Steffan Lewis

Both Mr Asghar and Mr Lewis died within the last Senedd term. The surface of the Conservative list this election is Laura Anne Jones who replaced him within the Senedd.

Top from the Plaid Cymru list for the region is Delyth Jewell, who replaced Mr Lewis within the fifth term.

The end result can be used when it's known.